10 Creative and Unpredicted Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home


Let's start with facts. The material used in your bathroom, kitchen, or other living space is a crucial factor to take into account when remodeling or building your home.

Which kind of material, though, is ideal for your project? Should you use tile, laminate, paint, wallpaper, or carpet? It goes without saying that you'll want something that not only looks good but can also withstand use. Tiles are capable of delivering on both.

We'll go over 10 creative and unexpected ideas to use tiles in your home space.

tiles to use in fireplace

1. Invest in better stairs

www.mosaics.co | Florence pattern

Tiled stair risers with a pop of pattern are a stunning way to enhance the location that is typically ignored. With a variety of tile designs and patterns available, you can choose a style that complements your existing decor and creates a unique look. Tile stair risers to make a visual impact and create an aesthetic home.

Which tile is best for stairs?

Natural stone tiles, such as limestone tiles are one of the best options for stairs. Slip-resistant mosaics are by far the safest kind of tile flooring for stairs out of all the possibilities on our list. Our handmade mosaics' slip resistance, DCOF > 0.42 means these products are acceptable as a minimum value for surfaces even though they are expected to be walked on when wet with water.

Are there special tiles for stairs?

Yes, mosaic tiles are suggested to make a statement in your modern house. Once you get the handcrafted limestone mosaic tiles, you'll have a unique design and natural look pattern in your home. Especially for stair risers, it is a good idea to use patterned tiles. Use beautiful rough tiles and mosaics to upgrade your stairs. Mostly porcelain tiles are suggested for stair areas, these are affordable options for your home.

stair risers tile
www.mosaics.co | handmade parisian mosaic tile

2. Make a statement in your shower

bathroom design

Tile is a great material to use to build a Pinterest-worthy shower wall tile, and according to Mosaics.co, the bolder the tile, the better it will look in this application. We need to point out that grout is an important factor in this situation. We prefer to choose a subdued grout color that complements the hues of the natural stone so that our lovely patterns can stand out. Go with retro-style shower tiles for walls and floors.

3. Nude and geometric tiles for bathroom walls

Bathrooms come in a variety of forms, dimensions, hues, and aesthetics. Geometric tiles in bathrooms lately, and we love them. By choosing the right tiles, you can drastically alter the appearance of your bathroom.

Bathrooms (or kitchens) are typically where you'll find geometric floor tiles, but we know that you will start to notice more and more gorgeous geometric wall tiles there as well. 

The majority of the time, you would choose either the floor or the walls to avoid a geometric overdose, but if you do it well, you can add a cool pattern to both the floor and the walls.

Bathroom wall tile

4. Create Insta-worthy kitchen flooring

farmhouse kitchen floors
                                www.mosaics.co | Florence pattern

We only talked about mosaic tiles so far and we are eager to give you more options. Take your kitchen floor to the next level by experimenting with interesting tile layouts. Consider herringbone tile, chevron tile, or subway patterns for new ideas but what about a daisy tile to create a contemporary and stylish look that complements your overall design scheme. Check cottagecore kitchen ideas  and kitchen tile ideas for more inspirations like this.

These Tunisian tiles are like wine that gets better with age. Their timeless beauty and enduring quality make them an excellent choice for adding character and charm to your home. Especially for a warm ambiance in your kitchen, opt for a rustic yet modern bathroom tiles. If you are interested in farmhouse kitchen styles to create a rustic kitchen, check out our Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas.

5. Use classic colors with unique shapes

Make a bold statement with intricate tile patterns on your floors and walls. It is common to use wall tiles on only one side of the space to create some 3D show. Experiment with mosaic designs or geometric shapes to add visual interest and a touch of elegance to any room. From classic black and white to vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless. In this example, the handmade black and white tile design looks absolutely amazing.

You may ask why classic black and white would be a creative way to tile a home? Using black and white tiles on bathroom floors and walls can be a highly impactful and visually striking design choice. First of all, the contrast between black and white creates a captivating visual effect that adds depth and dimension to your bathroom. The 3D nature of handmade tiles further enhances this effect, creating intricate patterns and textures that catch the eye and add interest to the space. This product can be used in for tile shower niche ideas too.

6. Creative countertops

Give your kitchen countertops a fresh and unique appearance by incorporating tiled surfaces. Tiles offer durability, easy maintenance, and a vast range of design options. Mainly we got used to seeing granite countertops. But they aren't trendy anymore. Quartz or Marble slabs are some excellent options. What about terrazzo countertops? Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to create a customized look that suits your taste. 

A colorful countertop like this instantly injects energy and liveliness into your kitchen or bathroom. It creates a vibrant focal point and adds personality to the space, making it more engaging and visually interesting. The right choice of colors can reflect your personal style and create a unique atmosphere.

terrazzo tile countertop

7. Custom and artistic tile murals

www.houzz.com | Credits: Dayna-Katlins Interior

Consider creating a tile mural as a standout feature in your home. This artful addition can be placed in an entryway, a kitchen backsplash, or even a bathroom wall. The mural will become a conversation starter and a true reflection of your personality. If you want to focus on your kitchen area, check out +20 top kitchen trends 2023.

8. Floor to ceiling tile

If you ever wonder why this is a good idea, we have some answers. When you tile from the floor to the ceiling, several changes occur in the visual and functional aspects of the space. Firstly, tiling from floor to ceiling creates a dramatic and visually striking effect. The continuous expanse of tiles draws the eye upward, emphasizing the height of the room and making it feel more spacious. This verticality adds a sense of grandeur and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

More, tiling the entire wall creates a sense of enclosure and can affect the ambiance of the room. Depending on the tile color, pattern, and texture, it can add texture, depth, and character to the space. 

Tips: glossy or reflective tiles can enhance the brightness and light distribution in the room, while textured or matte tiles can add a sense of warmth and coziness.

www.houzz.com | Credits: Andrea West Design

9. Modern hexagon tile bathroom

Combining the wall color with the hues of the wall tiles will add visually striking features. Mosaics.co represent these natural stone hexagon tiles that have a moderate variation which adds to their unique charm. 

Handmade hexagon tiles possess an inherent quality and attention to detail that can't be replicated by machine-made alternatives. The time and care taken during the production process result in tiles that are often more durable and long-lasting. 

The uniqueness and authenticity of handcrafted tiles also add a touch of luxury and prestige to your bathroom design. 

www.mosaics.co | barcelona pattern

10. Eclectic Kitchen With Mustard Yellow Tile

With the lovely mustard yellow backsplash tiles, this eclectic kitchen displays a warm and welcoming atmosphere for sure! Yellow tiles with a white pattern immediately catch the eye and serve as a striking focal point. The wooden extension of the island doubles as a dining table and adds another function, while the white kitchen cabinets and countertops give the space a clean, modern appearance. 


www.houzz.com | Credits: Maytree Studios

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