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    Discover the beauty and versatility of our Handmade limestone mosaic tiles, offering authentic timeless designs through unique patterns. Whether you're looking for a bathroom floor, shower wall, or kitchen backsplash - the perfect niche choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

    Where can I use mosaic tiles?

    Mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of applications depending on multiple factors like slip resistance, freeze resistance, and sealant & grout practices. We strongly recommend consulting with your tile vendor before shopping.

    You can use our handmade mosaic tiles in interior spaces including but not limited to bathroom floor & wall, shower floor & wall, and kitchen backsplash as long as you use an unsanded grout and sealing before & after grouting. If the area of application is a patio or any other exterior application, we recommend using our mosaic tiles and any natural stone mosaic tiles in mild climates only.

    Are mosaic tiles hard to install?

    Mosaic tiles can be pretty easy to install if they come with pre-mounted sheets. We recommend avoiding unmounted mosaic tiles when possible as they are likely to cause delays in your project due to their complex installation process. 
    All our handmade mosaic tiles in the Yesmine Collection are mash-mounted and their thicknesses are only 1/4" which makes them very convenient to install.

    What are the different colorways available for mosaic tiles?

    Mosaic tiles can offer a wide range of color palettes. It's a matter of your taste and spaces around the area of application to be tiled with. You can go with timeless patterns like: Black and white mosaic tiles - Blue and white mosaic tiles - Terracotta color mosaic tiles - Gray mosaic tiles or options with niche colorways like Green mosaic tiles - Burgundy mosaic tiles - Pink mosaic tiles

    What are the different patterns available for mosaic tiles?

    There are endless pattern options for mosaic tiles from the most common square designs in 1x1, 2x2, and 4x4 individual mosaic tile sizes. Whether you prefer classic designs or modern aesthetics, our Handmade Mosaic Collection offers a variety of patterns to suit your unique style and preferences.

    Flower Mosaic Tiles

    Our Handmade Flower Mosaic Tiles add a touch of whimsy and charm to any space, creating a visually stunning focal point.

    Diamond Mosaic Tile Patterns

    The hexagonal shape of our Diamond Mosaic Tile Patterns adds a modern touch to your floors, backsplashes, and accent walls. Creating a contemporary and visually appealing look.

    Square Mosaic Tiles

    For a classic and timeless design, consider our Square Mosaic Tiles. These handmade tiles offer a clean and versatile option for various applications, from floors to backsplashes.


    In conclusion, our Mosaic Tile collection caters to every style and preference, from classic to contemporary. With a fair range of colors, patterns, and shapes, you'll find the perfect Mosaic Tiles to elevate the aesthetic of your space. Browse our selection and let your creativity flow with our high-quality and affordable mosaic tiles.

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