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We believe every place
has its own story.

Timeless. Handmade. Responsibly Produced.

Traditional Craftsmanship With Modern Designs. is not just about mosaics. It is a lifestyle that brings a sophisticated culture of over three thousand years of history and a crucial multi-ethnic inrush. Blended by Andalusian, French, and Ottoman influence, that makes us some sort of a hidden heirloom gate that beams you up to timeless interiors once you step in. Come on in!


Unique Designs & Responsible Materials.

We set out on the road to adorn the places without bespattering the most crucial place, our earth. We value timeless items that are better with age, like delicate wine, and support eco-friendly, responsibly produced items.


Stories From Cultural Wealth

Mediterranean tile artisans bring the richness of their amazing multi-cultural background to the mosaics. Once exclusive mosaics are applied to the walls or floors, it is almost impossible to take the eyes off them, making you feel privileged our carefully processed products are. It feels like it's been there for centuries, but it gets better and better as the years go by.


Zero-Waste Company

We are and always will be working hard to be a sustainable company. Therefore, we only work with artisans who prioritize the environment using recycled clay and eco-friendly packaging.

We value people's investments by developing handmade mosaic tiles that last longer and are produced in ways that benefit everyone. We avoid wasteful production processes by partnering with artisans who share our passion for outstanding craft, exclusive designs, and ethical employment.

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