Top 10 Spanish Style Kitchen: Everything You Need To Know In 3 Steps

spanish style kitchen ideas

Introduction to the Spanish Style Kitchen

Hola amigos! Are you ready to spice up your cooking space and bring a touch of Mediterranean charm into your home? Look no further than the vibrant and authentic world of Spanish style kitchens!

In this article, I will unveil the top 10+ Spanish style kitchens that will leave you inspired and eager to transform your own culinary haven. From timeless kitchen ideas to the best patterned floor tiles. So, put on your apron and let's dive into the world of Spanish cuisine!

mid century modern flooring
Credits: autlets

Rustic Spanish Style Kitchen

Imagine a kitchen that's got all the warmth of a siesta under a shady olive tree, but with a hint of "rough around the edges" charm. Spanish-style kitchen floors are one of the best kitchen floor tile ideas of 2024

Ditch the sterile white tiles and embrace the beauty of imperfections. Terracotta tiles or limestone mosaic tiles, with their natural variations in color and texture, are perfect. They can take a beating (just like those flamenco dancers!), and they add a sense of earthy warmth. Bonus points if they're a little uneven – it just adds to the rustic authenticity (and maybe makes that post-dinner salsa a little more interesting to your Spanish style kitchen!).

Credits: Civil Jungle

Top 5 Spanish Style Kitchen Flooring Ideas

spanish style kitchen flooring ideas
Credits: handmade mosaic tiles by

1. Spanish style kitchen flooring with floral patterns

  • Unique as Your Abuela's Paella Recipe: Forget mass-produced monotony. These works of art are handcrafted, meaning no two floors are exactly alike. Your floor will be one-of-a-kind and bursting with personality.

  • Floral Fury:  Spanish style kitchen is all about color and vibrancy. Handmade mosaics can be bursting with beautiful floral patterns – like a field of sunflowers swaying in the Spanish breeze.

spanish style kitchen flooring ideas
Credits: by handmade mosaic tile florence floral pattern.
  • Perfectly Imperfect Perfection: Here's the beauty of handmade – there will be slight variations in color, texture, and size. But that's not a flaw, it's what makes them special! These "imperfections" add a touch of rustic charm and authenticity, like a well-loved cast iron skillet that's seen countless meals come and go.

Basically, handmade mosaics are like the life of the fiesta for your Spanish style kitchen floor..

2. Terrazzo flooring as Spanish style kitchen

Embodying the heart of Spanish design, terracotta tiles offer warmth and rustic charm. Perfect for achieving a traditional Spanish style kitchen look, these tiles pair wonderfully with wooden ceiling beams, enhancing the kitchen's cozy ambiance.

orange rustic mid century modern flooring
Credits: | Handmade mosaic tile - Sunset orange/ terracotta - Diamond pattern

Extra tip to terracotta lovers - Terracotta colored mosaic tiles

  • Colors of Spain: Spanish architecture and design are known for their embrace of warm, earthy tones. Orange, reminiscent of terracotta rooftops, citrus groves, and fiery sunsets, is a quintessential Spanish color.'s mosaic tiles, handcrafted with a legacy of over a hundred years, can incorporate various shades of orange, creating a rich and authentic feel.

  • Handcrafted Legacy: The rich heritage behind's tiles adds another layer of authenticity to your Spanish style kitchen. Imagine the generations of artisans who have perfected the craft, imbuing each tile with a unique character, perfect for a space steeped in tradition.

orange mid century modern flooring
Credits: | Handmade mosaic tile - Sunset orange/ terracotta - Diamond pattern

"Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.”"

Antoni Gaudi

3. Spanish style rustic kitchen flooring

Painted tiles come in a vast array of colors and patterns. You can go for bold, geometric designs that echo the vibrant energy of Spanish culture. Imagine a floor that looks like a fiesta exploded on it – a guaranteed conversation starter!

The takeaway?  Small square tiles can be a great choice for a Spanish kitchen, but to capture the true essence, focus on earthy tones, natural textures, and a touch of rustic charm. Let your kitchen floor be a warm and inviting foundation for creating culinary masterpieces. If you need to take a look at square mosaic tiles which are not simple at all, you can check

rustic spanish style kitchen flooring
Credits: Casaraquelita
mid century modern flooring with natural green stone tile
Credits: - Handmade green mosaic tiles - New York pattern

4. Green mosaic tiles as the nature's earth elegance

Sure, square tiles are traditional, but why not add a touch of sophisticated charm with sage green handmade natural stone mosaic tiles? Here's why they'll turn your kitchen into a Spanish oasis:

Natural stone mosaic tiles:

🍏 Sage green is a dream for a Spanish style kitchen. It evokes the calming serenity of olive groves and rolling Spanish hills. It's a perfect counterpoint to the warmth of terracotta walls and wood finishes, creating a balanced and inviting space.

🍏 These aren't your average floor tiles. Handmade mosaics are little works of art, each piece with slight variations in color and texture. This adds a touch of rustic charm and tells a story of tradition, perfectly complementing the handcrafted soul of Spanish cuisine.

green mid century modern flooring idea
Credits: | Handmade mosaic tiles - New York pattern

🍏 Durable and Easy on the Eyes: Natural stone is renowned for its durability. It can handle the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen while remaining easy to clean and maintain. And let's face it, sage green is a forgiving color – the occasional splatter of paella won't show as easily as on stark white tiles.

🍎 Pro Tip: Pair your sage green mosaic floor with other natural elements like exposed brick walls, woven baskets overflowing with fresh herbs, and copper pots hanging from the ceiling. This will create a truly cohesive and earthy Spanish ambiance.

5. Simple Spanish style kitchen floors

The folks at Calimia Home kept the lovely old touches in this Coral Gables, Florida home. See how the curved doorways smoothly connect the dining room to the separate kitchen? 

The floors are all-natural too, with wood next to stone tiles. Pretty cool, right?

Spanish-style kitchens come in two flavors:

¡Fiesta! or siesta!

Some kitchens are bright and colorful, with terracotta colored, green, or other trending pretty floor tiles. Others are cozy and simple, with warm floors and paver beams. No matter which you choose, it'll be a taste of Spain!

spanish style kitchen flooring ideas
Credits: Calmia Home

2 Tips For Spanish Kitchen Ideas for a Vibrant and Authentic Space

One idea is to incorporate colorful, hand-painted tiles known as "azulejos" into your kitchen backsplash or countertop. These tiles are a hallmark of Spanish design and can instantly add a pop of color and personality to your kitchen.

spanish style kitchen colorful-kitchen-ideas
spanish style kitchen colorful azulejos

Another idea is to install an open shelving system to showcase your collection of Spanish ceramics and pottery. Not only will this add visual interest, but it will also allow you to easily access your favorite cooking tools. You should also check pink mosaic tiles for amazing Spanish style kitchen ideas.

modern spanish style kitchen
Credits: junewalkdesign

5 Authentic Spanish Style Kitchen Countertop Ideas

1. Is terracotta trendy? Why it might not be ideal for countertops?

While terracotta adds a beautiful touch, it does have some drawbacks for countertops:

  • Porosity: Terracotta is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs liquids and stains easily. This can be a nightmare in a kitchen where spills are frequent.

  • Scratching: Terracotta is a soft material and can scratch more easily than other countertop materials.


  • Authenticity: Terracotta tiles were traditionally used in Spanish architecture, and incorporating them into your kitchen adds a touch of cultural authenticity.

  • Style Synergy: Terracotta pairs well with other common Spanish style elements like wrought iron, Saltillo tiles, and beamed ceilings.

So, while terracotta might not be ideal for every kitchen, it can be a fantastic choice for creating a warm and inviting Spanish-style atmosphere.

spanish style kitchen countertop ideas
Credits:'s handmade mosaic tiles | London pattern

2. Spanish flair underfoot: Can limestone mosaic tile grace your countertops too?

Here's the thing: limestone comes in a vast array of colors, from earthy tones that complement a rustic Spanish vibe to cooler grays and blues for a more modern take. Plus, because it's a natural stone, you get that unique, textured look that says "This kitchen has seen some serious paella parties." Gray mosaic tiles are the right answer for your Spanish style kitchen countertops.

3. Mixing wood and marble countertops in your kitchen?

¡Fantástico! (Fantastic!) It's like a flamenco dancer doing the tango - a bit unexpected, but totally captivating for Spanish style kitchens.

Just a heads up: wood requires a bit more TLC (tender loving care) than marble. Spills can stain, and heat can scorch. But with a little precaution (and maybe a flamenco fan to shoo away any rogue cooking mishaps), you can create a Spanish-style kitchen that's both beautiful and functional.

¡Por supuesto! (Of course!) Marble countertops are the epitome of elegance, and they can add a touch of ¡lujo! (luxury!) to your Spanish kitchen. 

But beware! Marble can be a bit delicate. It's prone to etching from acidic foods like lemons and tomatoes. So you'll need to be careful around spills. 

On the other hand, with a little mantenimiento (maintenance), your marble countertops can become a timeless pieza central (centerpiece) of your Spanish style kitchen.


3. Quartz countertop & wood island

Light wood floors and white quartz countertops? ¡Perfecto! They'll keep things bright and airy, like a cool summer breeze through a Seville orange grove. Now, here's the real kicker: brass faucet and pendant lights? ¡Muy elegante! 

4. Kitchen island with patterned tiles & marble

The perfect combo: it can be the heart and soul of your Spanish-style kitchen fiesta.

First up, handmade mosaic tiles. Imagine these aren't just any tiles, these are practically little works of art. Handmade and bursting with personality, they're like having a tiny flamenco dancer swirling under your feet with every step (though hopefully with less stomping). These intricate patterns scream "Mediterranean" louder than a mariachi band at a siesta!

Now, plop a cool, luxurious marble countertop on that island, and you've got yourself a contrast that's hotter than a plate of fresh paella. The marble's sleekness will tame the wildness of the floor a bit, like a proper flamenco dancer striking a dramatic pose after all that fancy footwork. Check gorgeous green and burgundy mosaics.

Credits: Handmade Authentic Mosaics

5- Terrazzo countertop: full of life, color, and ready to fiesta!

  • It's confetti for your floor...but on your counters! Flecks of marble, quartz, and other colorful bits dance across the surface, adding a layer of personality that's ¡muy divertido! (very fun!)

  • Terrazzo is crazy durable, like a flamenco dancer who can keep swirling and tapping all night long. So you can whip up tapas, paella, or even a late-night batch of churros without worry.

  • It's totally unique, just like a perfectly executed flamenco solo. No two terrazzo countertops are exactly alike, which means your kitchen will be one of a kind.

So, if you're looking to add a splash of Spanish flair to your Spanish style kitchen, ¡terrazzo es el camino a seguir! (Terrazzo is the way to go!)

Credits: Diespeker

Conclusion: Transform your cooking space with spanish style kitchen

In conclusion, a Spanish style kitchen is the perfect way to spice up your cooking space and bring a touch of Mediterranean charm into your home. By incorporating elements of Spanish architecture, embracing the characteristics of a Mediterranean kitchen, and following the steps to create your own Spanish style kitchen, you can transform your culinary haven into a vibrant and authentic space. 

Whether you opt for colorful tiles, warm earthy tones, or traditional Spanish decor, let your creativity shine and infuse your kitchen with the spirit of Spain. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your apron, shop's handmade mosaic tiles, and get ready to say "¡Olé!" as you embark on your Spanish style kitchen journey. ¡Buen provecho!

FAQ about Spanish Style Kitchen

1. What is a Spanish-Style Kitchen?

Imagine a kitchen that's the heart of a fiesta, bursting with color, warmth, and a touch of rustic charm. That's the essence of Spanish style. Here's what makes it sizzle:

  • Warm Woods and Sun-Kissed Walls: Think rich tones like honey, mahogany, and terracotta. They evoke the warmth of the Spanish sun and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

  • Handmade Mosaic Tiles (those little gems you asked about!): A hallmark of Spanish design, these little explosions of color add personality and pizzazz. Imagine a backsplash bursting with citrusy yellows, fiery reds, and calming blues – like a fiesta for your eyeballs!

  • Wrought Iron Accents: From light fixtures to cabinet hardware, wrought iron adds a touch of old-world elegance and a hint of drama.

  • Terracotta Floors: Earthy and durable, terracotta tiles bring a touch of rustic warmth and are perfect for handling enthusiastic flamenco footwork (not that we're recommending that in the kitchen...).

2. What are the Colors of Spanish Colonial Kitchens?

Spanish colonial kitchens are a vibrant blend of cultural influences. Here's the color palette:

  • Earthy Tones: Think terracotta, ochre, and olive green. These colors reflect the Spanish landscape and create a grounded, warm feel.

  • Pops of Citrus: Sunny yellows, zesty oranges, and fiery reds add a touch of vibrancy and echo the citrus groves that dot the Spanish countryside.

  • Jewel Tones: Deep blues, rich emeralds, and bold purples add a touch of luxury and regality, reminiscent of Spanish royalty.

3. How Can I Add Spanish Style to My Kitchen?

¡Muy fácil! (Very easy!) Here are some ideas to get your flamenco on:

  • Embrace the Tile: Handmade mosaic tiles are a fantastic way to add a splash of Spanish flair. But don't be afraid to use Spanish-inspired patterns on regular tiles too.

  • Wrought Iron Magic: Swap out your cabinet hardware for wrought iron pulls and knobs. It's an easy and affordable way to add a touch of Spanish elegance.

  • Light Up Your Life: Ditch the boring fluorescent lights and hang a wrought iron chandelier or pendant lights. The warm glow will instantly transport you to a sun-drenched Spanish villa.

  • Spice Up Your Walls: Terracotta painted walls or stencils with Spanish motifs like sunflowers or flamenco dancers can add a touch of personality.

  • Accessorize with Olé!: Display copper pots and pans, hang woven baskets filled with colorful fruits, or add a decorative bowl overflowing with lemons and limes.

Remember, a Spanish kitchen is all about creating a space that reflects your personality and love for Spanish culture. So don't be afraid to experiment, have fun, and let your creativity run wild!

Bonus Tip: Looking for some extra inspiration? Break out the maracas (figuratively, please) and put on some Spanish music while you cook. It'll get you in the mood and might even get your kitchen renovation project moving to the rhythm of a flamenco beat!

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