Hexagon Mosaic Tiles | Diamond Tile Designs offers stunning mosaic tile collection that bring the timeless beauty of nature into your home: Large Hexagon Mosaic Tiles and Diamond Mosaic Tiles.

    Large Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

    Create a statement floor, shower wall, or kitchen backsplash with our handmade hexagon limestone mosaic tile. Choose from captivating colorways like Sunset Orange (Terracotta), Teal Blue, and Shadow White, or explore sophisticated combinations like Shadow White & Teal Blue and Antique Gray & Sand Yellow.

    Nature's Inspirational Mosaic Tiles

    These tiles evoke the feeling of a natural stone carpet, adding a touch of organic luxury to your space.

    Durable Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

    Despite their thin profile, handcrafted hexagon mosaic tiles are surprisingly strong, ideal for high-traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and even commercial spaces.


    Diamond Mosaic Tiles

    Design an unforgettable bathroom floor, shower wall, or kitchen backsplash with our intricate diamond mosaic tile collection.

    Timeless Appeal of Diamond Tile Mosaic

    The hand-finished surface boasts a beautiful, time-worn, antiqued look that adds depth and character to your space.

    Seamless and Secure Slip-resistant Mosaic Tiles

    These mosaic tiles ensure seamless installation and a secure, slip-resistant surface (DCOF > 0.42) for peace of mind in wet environments. 


    Advantages of Using Diamond Mosaic Tiles

    1. Unique Aesthetics: Both hexagon and diamond mosaic tiles offer a distinctive look that elevates any space.

    2. Durable & Long-lasting: Made with high-quality limestone, these tiles are built to withstand everyday wear and tear.

    3. Easy to Install: The thin profile allows for a simpler installation process without sacrificing strength.

    4. Versatility: These tiles are perfect for bathroom floors, shower walls, and kitchen backsplashes, adding a touch of luxury to various areas of your home.'s hexagon and diamond mosaic tiles, handcrafted with a multicultural heritage, bring the beauty and functionality of nature into your home. Explore our collections and create a space that reflects your unique style.

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    Find Your Dream Tile With Color Options:

    Green Mosaic Tiles - Black and White Mosaic Tiles - Burgundy Mosaic Tiles - Gray Mosaic Tiles - Orange Mosaic Tiles - Pink Mosaic Tiles

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