Farmhouse Kitchen 101: Everything You Need To Know

farmhouse kitchen 101

What do you think when you hear farmhouse style? What about using this rustic lifestyle in your kitchen? The farmhouse kitchen aesthetic has went viral and gained a lot of popularity in the past ten years or so. Most of the interior designers describe farmhouse style as warm and welcoming with a focus on natural goods. Most of people think this as a lifestyle but it is also one of the most searched design aesthetic. In this blog post we will explore modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

What is farmhouse style?

Rural farmhouses and traditional country homes serve as the source of inspiration for the design aesthetic known as farmhouse style. It has a focus on natural goods, vintage accents, and a perfect blend of conventional and modern design items. It has a cozy, warm, rustic, and welcoming feel. 

farmhouse kitchen ideas

What are the key features of a farmhouse kitchen?

An apron-front sink, natural stone or wood flooring, open shelves and beautiful combination of neutral colors are the first conspicuous items of farmhouse kitchen concept. No doubt vintage pieces add character here and there to create rustic farmhouse kitchens. If you wonder what is the difference between rustic kitchen and farmhouse kitchens is rustic kitchens have a much more natural look than farmhouse kitchens. They focused on wood and reclaimed stones. Today's interior design trends we can merge these two close friends to have a proprietary style. The farmhouse kitchen style also look alike cottagecore kitchen.

What kind of backsplash for farmhouse kitchen?

Go natural as much as possible to make a statement in your modern farmhouse kitchen. The best and most unique farmhouse kitchen backsplash are antique mosaics. You'll get influenced as soon as you touch the handcrafted flower mosaic tiles. Because of their timeless look, thin structure and time-worn antique finish. As it is a backsplash area, we need to make sure it is durable for water splash, of course and you'll say that farmhouse is my style even though you haven't considered it before! 

1. Handmade mosaics

As it is indicated above, this is the number one choice for farmhouse style kitchen backsplash ideas. You might want to go crazy with colorful but rustic look mosaics or choose gray tones for your backsplash to make it a more country home vibe. Start considering, an online authentic mosaic tile store, you'll have the most unique country kitchen ideas with the design you can never find it somewhere else in United States.


2. White subway tile

White is a safe choice for homeowners and white subway tile has been a classical preference when it comes to backsplash ideas. It'll add a modern touch to your kitchen if you want to create a modern farmhouse. Because we know that it is your right to balance rustic and vintage feeling with a modern touch to keep the kitchen fresh.  White creates a clean space if you are more into clean and modern farmhouse kitchens. You wouldn't be a surprised if you see subway tiles as kitchen tile trends of 2024.

Modern famhouse kitchen

3. Earty bricks

Darker dreamy furniture will entice you in more than you might think! Plus we are aware that brick backsplashes will never go out of style, especially for farmhouse kitchen ideas. The reason is obvious; its durability, aesthetic, and strength. Brick makes a good kitchen backsplash, the only drawback we can talk about is keeping the brick clean might becloud the process. If you want to go beyond and choose some natural stone tiles but with a different design, our suggestion would be nothing but hexagon mosaic tiles. Easy to maintain, clean, different look than other hexagons because of its natural look of limestone and absolutely perfect choice for farmhouse kitchen design.

farmhouse kitchen brick backsplash ideas​​

What kind of flooring is best for farmhouse kitchen?

In a nutshell? The best flooring for farmhouse kitchen is natural stone tiles, mosaics such as limestone mosaics with anti-slippery feature, solid hardwood. To achieve a modern farmhouse flooring, laminate and vinyl options are common. 

1- Antique finish natural mosaic tiles for farmhouse kitchen flooring

When you look for farmhouse kitchen floor ideas, you won't encounter new ideas all the time. Especially when traditional wood floors were the norm in farmhouses of yore, antique-finish natural mosaic tile is now one of the distinguishing design elements of a farmhouse kitchen. It typically features feminine patterns in beautifully combined colors and it is a stylish addition that adds personality to the space. Patterned floor tiles are great additions to the farmhouse kitchens.

2- Black stone tiles for a white farmhouse

Black as a flooring color that is becoming more and more popular, and we think it would look amazing in a farmhouse kitchen. Especially when it is thought in detailed, you will see this beautiful black and white kitchen combination as a perfect kitchen flooring idea. Katharina Jessica Interior Design made it clear with this black tiles fitting perfectly with white cabinets. Black colored natural stone tiles are perfect to create rustic feeling at anywhere at home or outdoor. Only it is a good idea if you have a big space in your kitchen because for small kitchens black can make the space smaller. 

black stone tiles for famhouse design

3- Solid hardwood for rustic kitchen floors

Wood floors give a farmhouse the most conventional appearance. While pine floors were more common in the past, most homeowners now prefer hardwood due to its cozy and inviting atmosphere. Wood look is the best way to achieve warm and welcoming feeling at home but the maintenance could be quite difficult. Especially in the kitchen area where you can wet the floors easily is risky. 

hardwood farmhouse kitchen

How can I make my kitchen look rustic?

Rustic kitchen design concepts should be warm and friendly at their core. Showcase your favorite objects and colors in this area. Include rag rugs, patterned tiles, and mismatched crockery for an eclectic touch that will be greatly appreciated.

1. Choose time-worn finished natural mosaic tiles

Have you ever realized that mostly we describe the places' styles with their flooring preferences. In the lobby of luxury hotels, most uses polished marble tiles to boost their luxe feeling. In regular coffe shops, laminate flooring is popular to make you feel at home. No matter which style you want to achieve, you need to start thinking about floors. This is exactly why you need to think through farmhouse kitchen floor first. Choose limestone mosaic tiles for your farmhouse kitchen floors!

2. Farmhouse kitchen shelves

Open wooden shelves are precisely the best way to create rustic farmhouse kitchens. The reason why open shelving matters for rustic kitchens is warmth and inviting look that homeowner can show their favorite kitchenware and decor. It looks good but also practically that provides an easy access. Open-shelving on natural mosaic tiles also look good and useful because makes small walls feel larger.

3. Apron-front sink

Farmhouse-style sinks are usually much larger and deeper than standard stainless-steel sinks. In addition to adding style to any kitchen, apron-front sinks are also practical, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain which makes them the best fit for a farmhouse kitchen.

rustic kitchen farmhouse ideas​​

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