Product FAQ

  1. How can I figure out how many pieces I need to order? 
    It is simply the total SF of your area divided by the product's piece coverage. For example, if the area of application is 50 SF and let's say the coverage of one piece is 0.8 SF then you'll need a minimum of 63 pieces. (50/0.8=62.5) However, we recommend ordering 15-20% more. 72 to 75 pieces in total would be ideal in this case.

  2. How much extra do I need to order? 
    We recommend ordering at least 15-20% extra as an industry standard to cover potential waste during installation and be able to show full pattern equally and centered.

  3. Do I need to grout? 
    Yes, we do recommend using an unsanded grout that is applicable to natural stones.

  4. Do I need to seal this product? 
    Yes, sealing before and after installation is recommended. Please choose a type of sealant that is applicable to limestone and holds the original color.
    If you would like to have the materials in more vibrant colors instead, we recommend an enhanced sealant or stone wax (after non-enhanced sealed) with using a heavy fabric such as denim.

  5. How often do I need to seal it? 
    Sealing is recommended for every other year in dry areas and once a year in wet areas. Simply, same as almost every natural stone tile.

  6. Thickness of the material is 1/4". Is it durable? 
    In a nutshell, yes, it is very durable because it's natural stone. This is one of the greatest feature of the product even though it comes with a thin structure.

  7. My materials came with different calibrations. Is it normal? 
    Yes, it is because our materials are handmade. They are meant to be in different calibrations and textures from another.

  8. How much variation I should be expecting? 
    Since we use natural stone, moderate variation should be expected. This is one of the reasons our products look unique.

  9. Why do lead times usually start from 8-12 weeks? 
    Materials are handmade and made to order for your project. Production for an average sized bathroom project usually takes 8-10 weeks depending on the quantity and the pattern. Shipping time takes 1-2 weeks via air freight directly from our boutique factories in the Mediterrenean region. If your schedule is tight, please consult with us for an expedited production option or confirm your project's rough lead time estimate before placing the order.