Handmade Mosaic Tiles; Pros and Cons | 4 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Mosaics

mosaic tiles pros and cons

Deciding which material to choose for interior design is not easy. Specifically when you know it will stay at least two decades unless any catastrophe happens. Besides, there are numerous options out there to select. This guide will enlighten one specific question: why handmade mosaic tiles are the best options for interior design.

What is Mosaic?

First things first, so many times, this question has been asked; what is mosaic? We explained what mosaic is and its history in another post, but let us brief you to start. Mosaics are tiny little regular or irregular tiles, and they are one of the oldest architectural materials in the world. Therefore mosaic tiles have been around for a while, quite enough to make them the most attractive tiles in the world. Tunisia is known as one of the ancientest locations where you can find antique mosaic cratsmanship. Experienced Tunisian, Moroccan, Spanish and Italian artisans embrace thousands of years of culture and use their craftsmanship to produce the best handmade tiles. Yet, are mosaic tiles good enough? 

Advantages of the Handmade Mosaic Tiles

1- Beauty Comes From Love & Care

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but still, we will say it; they are beautiful. Probably this is the most significant benefit of handmade mosaic tiles. Those who see and touch the samples of mosaic tiles produced in Mediterranean want to have them in their spaces. They are produced with care and artistically by experienced artisans who merge traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Consequently, this makes them beautiful as they are a piece of art.

2- Unique Designs 

When the machines are involved in the topic, it is forcefully to find room to speak about naturality. Handmade mosaic tiles are the production of an effort, and the slight dissimilarities between the tiles present them naturally. Once this natural human-made effort meets with the exceptional design style, it reveals unique designs for interior design ideas. Thanks to the time-worn antiqued finish, it looks like it's been there for centuries. The finish of these items contributes to their uniqueness for sure.  


3- Durability

Contrary to popular belief, handmade mosaic tiles are pretty durable and resistant to cracking. They can hold up high traffic and be used in commercial areas. You can install handmade mosaic tiles to residential and commercial walls and floors. 

Check these durable mosaic tiles;

4- Slip-resistant

Handmade mosaic tiles are durable and resistant in many ways. They should withstand water and are preferably easy to clean. Mosaics.co offers handmade mosaic tiles that provide DCOF > 0.42 means that this is the acceptable minimum value for surfaces that are expected to be walked on wet areas. Those looking for mosaic tiles for shower floors or mosaic bathroom floor tiles will find the hexagon / diamond mosaic tiles as a perfect match.



Get Inspired By:

Disadvantages of the Handmade Mosaic Tiles

1- Cost

The biggest drawback might be the cost of the items and the project because transforming the walls or floors with sustainable, natural, and crafted materials won't be cheap. The project manager, may it be an interior designer or architect, will choose these materials when they have a space to increase the budget, and won't hesitate to buy the handmade mosaic tiles. Yet, the reality is that they aren't cheap, so it is difficult to say you'd save money if you chose these tiles. 

2- Installation Process

The critical thing to remember includes the installation of the handmade mosaic tiles. Compared to ceramic or natural stone tiles, mosaic tiles need more care and time. Only professionals will relish the process while working with the timeless mosaic tile and implement it in the best way.


Handmade mosaic tiles might be more costly than other materials, and you'd need to hire a professional for a proper outcome. However, if you want to achieve an invaluable look at the end of the work, these handmade mosaic tiles will create the most beautiful floors and walls possible. 

If you'd like to shop our handmade authentic mosaic tile samples to evaluate the guide above, order free samples today.

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